High spirits and good vibes are not just words at the Brasserie de Namur. When you cross the brewery’s threshold you step right into an astounding conviviality that reigns supreme. This unique zest for life is brewed, as it were, from the diversity of the team’s strong constituent personalities the secret to and driving force of their development.

Find out who they are!


The wall

A co-founder of the brewery and one of the mainstays of the project, François is a multi-faceted man. A brewer in the making, he is a mechanical engineer specializing in production techniques, who makes sure that the shop is humming day in and day out. If you enjoy a Houppe with a nice meal, the essence of the tasting experience ultimately goes back to François. A great fan of music and design, he whispers that his collection of beer glasses is so large that it can extend all the way to Dinant.

His ultimate ambition
Is to have the beer list replace the wine list.


Call me

Xavier is the face of the brewery among local customers and during the different events that it takes part in. A workaholic, he was the first of the co-founders to make the great professional leap inside the brewery to catapult it to the heights of Namur’s favourite beer.

A stakeholder highly appreciated by the local community, former shopkeeper, tester and taster, he has played a leading role in the brewery’s development from the outset. He is said to have come up with the brewery’s slogan “slight detours, great moments,” after his first pub crawl. He is the minstrel of the team who makes sure that everyone is singing contentedly from the same hymn book.

Never a dull moment with Xavier.



Bertrand is one of the brewery’s co-founders, but above all its face in the media. He is always friendly, smiling and available, whether for an interview or an aperitif. In Namur, he is the very personification of affability and local joy of living. His charisma and empathy make him instantly recognizable at our events. He is also in charge of marketing and partnerships outside the brewery. When he lost his glasses in the Sambre as a teenager, he swore to turn water into beer before he took the plunge – and he kept his words some years later with his fellow Namur denizens, when he launched the Houppe.


Assistant brewer

With a degree in food science and a specialization in brewery, Anthony had long wanted to invest in a micro-brewery. For this Namur native and bon vivant by nature, the brewery project in the wake of the Houppe’s success was ever so timely!


The brewer

A graduate of the Institut Meurice with a degree in brewing engineering, Damien Claude has been the resident brewer of the Brasserie de Namur since 2016. With extensive experience in the food industry spanning several years, he was not born yesterday. A Namur native, he has had the opportunity to travel in Africa, where he has helped set up several brewing installations. Today he manages all the brewing activities and the maintenance of the production tools. Like his colleagues, Damien is a rugby fan, but he is also active as a volunteer in student circles and in scouting. A musician in his (very scarce) free time, you might hear him playing his bass guitar if you go by the brewery.


Papa Wemba

A co-founder of the brewery, Alex also co-concocted the recipe of the first beer of the Brasserie de Namur, the Houppe. An agronomist by training, he later earned a degree in brewing by attending evening school in Brussels, so he could devote himself to his passion. After gaining initial experience in the food industry, he took part in the launch of a micro-brewery in the North of France for five years – an adventure that would prove extremely useful afterwards for this globetrotter’s career.

Together with François, Laurent and Xavier, he launched the first Houppe in 2013. He then helped set up the ambitious project of a genuine brewery in Namur. He left Belgium in 2015 when he received an offer from a major international brewing group. But even though he now lives in Angola, he is still involved in decisions concerning investments in the production tool and keeps close watch on the development of the project.



Adrien joined the team in het beginning of 2017 to attend to the brewery’s international expansion. Clearly destined for this line of work, he attended a college which shares its premises with an excellent Abbey beer in the Namur region. Adrien has drawn on his professional experience to gain extensive knowledge in the hotel and catering trade. A globetrotter at heart, he is constantly on the road or flying to and from somewhere. No destination holds a secret from him any longer.

He joined the team thanks to rugby – a passion which he shares with his colleagues. Adrien knows how to take the time to establish and cultivate lasting relationships with the brewery’s partners. He often refers to his job as an opportunity to share a passion for and expertise in brewing with a group of friends. Adrien is a bon vivant first and foremost and a worthy representative of our national bonhomie far beyond our borders. Multilingual and open-minded, he is fluent in French, English and Spanish, in addition to his native language… Belgian! Make sure to contact him to have a great time and discover the brewery’s products.



The owner of a factory in his day job, Laurent is one of the co-founders of the Brasserie de Namur. As an expert in meeting challenges and finding compromises, he structures and puts brainstorming ideas into concrete actions.

A seasoned veteran with experience in the field and very good at figures, he brings his expertise and hindsight to bear in helping the team plan the brewery’s development. A Johnny-come-lately to brewing, he is a big fan of beers a get together, to the point of always taking a Houppe along with him when he travels. An enthusiast for sports in the great outdoors, his ultimate high is to enjoy a Houppe under a starry sky after a mad rush.